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Cashmere Beanie Hats

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A British design and manufacturing company, specialising in using post-consumer cashmere waste to create beautiful new garments & accessories. We passionately believe in sustainable style. Our products include, our bestselling fingerless gloves, wrist warmers, neck warmers, and a baby range.

This cashmere beanie has been made using 4 panels of cashmere in the top, for a good round shape. With a double layered rim this beanie can be worn in a relaxed slouch style or in a more traditional way turning up the rim to show off the different coloured underside. Our beanies are light but warm, ideal to keep in your pocket for chilly winter moments and they're unisex too. It's taken us a while to get our beanie pattern just right but we're really pleased with this 4 panel design; it is simple, easy to wear and most of all super cosy.

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