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You may not be able to control the impact that big business has on our environment, but you can make changes in your own lifestyle that can positively affect time. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly food wrap, beeswax wrap is the answer. Here are a few of the benefits of these handy wraps.

  • They are long-lasting. Beeswax wraps can last for months and months, helping to reduce both cost and waste. Unfortunately, plastic cling film isn’t reusable, which means that you have to buy it again and again. In contrast, your beeswax wraps will last much longer, saving you money in the long run and helping to protect the environment at the same time. This longevity makes beeswax an excellent choice for an environmentally friendly food wrap.
  • They help keep food fresh longer. While plastic has its benefits, it’s not a breathable material, which can cause fresh foods to stay too warm and wilt. Beeswax and cotton function as natural barriers that are still breathable, keeping your food fresher for longer periods – much like the skin of fruit naturally protects its flesh. You can use beeswax wraps to preserve foods such as fruits, veggies, cheeses and bread fresh and delicious for as long as possible.
  • They are 100% compostable. Plastic cling wrap takes far too long to decompose – in fact, plastic never fully decomposes. So even after an item breaks down, the plastic components are still present in the environment more or less forever. Beeswax wraps, on the other hand, is completely compostable. Once the protective wax coating wears away, you can simply bury the wrap in your garden. It will break down and biodegrade fully, leaving no trace behind.
  • They reduce waste and protect wildlife. Plastic waste is a huge problem not just for the planet but for the wildlife that lives on it. Finding and using sustainable alternatives to plastic is an effective way to minimise household waste and do your part to reduce the problems that local wildlife experience due to plastic. For example, animals can ingest plastic or become entangled in it, sometimes with disastrous consequences. Switching from plastic to beeswax wraps definitely decreases the amount of plastic in the environment.
  • They have antimicrobial properties. Like honey, beeswax has antimicrobial properties that can help keep your food not just fresher but safer, too. That’s especially important when dealing with food. Our wraps contain naturally antimicrobial and antibacterial certified organic ACO beeswax resourced sustainably from NSW, Australia, and they are also breathable, which helps inhibit microbial growth even more. That means that you may have a lower risk of food spoilage or become ill from eating spoiled food when you store it in beeswax wraps.
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