925 Sterling Silver Black Obsidian Delicate Drop Crystal Necklace

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Lovingly handmade in small batches by our talented in-house jewellery makers, this gorgeous crystal necklace is made using high-quality Black Obsidian polished crystal beads and is hand-finished with 925 sterling silver findings and chain.

Each piece is completely unique due to the natural crystals used and will be completely individual to the wearer.

Black Obsidian is a truth-enhancing stone. Black Obsidian is also a protective stone, and it can be used to block negative energy in the environment around you. Black obsidian crystal stimulates growth and is said to open new horizons for the wearer. Black Obsidian is said to bring clarity to the mind and helps clear confusion. Black Obsidian can also be used to dissolve emotional blockages and can help with clearing past traumas while promoting compassion and strength in the wearer.

Made from: 925 sterling silver, Black Obsidian

Measures approx.: 42cm + extension

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