Maria's Cool Stuff Import & Export LLC

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Maria's Cool Stuff Import & Export LLC

Import & Export Business

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Maria’s Cool Stuff Import and Export LLC was establish in 2013.  We are a small independent distributor in small format, that occasionally works with subcontractors to provide excellent customer service and provide the best deals from multiple markets.

Maria is originally from Mexico City and has been living in the USA for 22 years and counting. Maria fell in love with the opportunities that living in the USA gave her and has spent the last 8 years building her career  trading and distribution in International Sales.

Maria was inspired to establish her own company when she lost her job during the recession. During this difficult time, Maria decided to study International Trade at World Trade Center in Denver Colorado. She dedicated a lot of her time to studying, learning, and understanding the rules that govern her State, the Federal trading rules, and the wider global market.

World Trade Center Association Member